International Antiprohibitionst meeting in Bruxelles - European Parliament - 15 and 16 October 2002
Disclaimer: Please note that the transcript of the speeches is from the version actually delivered. The list of the speakers is not complete. The complete webcast of the Conference is available in Real Video at this link

| Arnold S. TREBACH, President of the International Antiprohibitionist League, Professor Emeritus American University Washington, District of Columbia

| Marco Perduca, President of the General Council of the TRP, Secretary of the IAL

| Marco Perduca, segretario della LIA

| Maurizio TURCO, president of the MEPs of Lista Bonino

| Maurizio TURCO, Deputato europeo, Presidente Eurogruppo Lista Bonino

| Marco PANNELLA, Member of the European Parliament , Leader of the TRP

| Marco PANNELLA, Deputato europeo, Leader del PRT

| Marco CAPPATO, Deputato europeo, Coordinatore del PAA

| Marco CAPPATO, Member of the European Parliament, Co-ordinator of the PAA

| David BORDEN, executive director of DRCNET

| David BORDEN, direttore esecutivo del DRCNET

| Paulo CASACA, European parliament PSE deputy

| Paulo CASACA, deputato del PSE al parlamento europeo

| Rita BERNARDINI, Joint-Chairwoman of the Italian Radicals

| Rita BERNARDINI, co-Presidente Radicali Italiani

| Daniele Capezzone, segretario di Radicali Italiani

| Daniele Capezzone, Segretary General of the Radicali Italiani

| Carlos HERRERA, Diputado, Movimento Libertario, Costa Rica

| Lev TIMOFEEV, Head of the Center of the Research on Illegal Economic Activity (Russian State University for Humanities).

| Dr. Ignazio MARCOZZI ROZZI, Comune di Roma, Presidente dell'Agenzia per la droga

| Alain LABROUSSE, Observatoire Geopolitique des Drogues, former Director

| Timothy Jake GLUCKMAN, Eve and Rave

| Georges ESTIEVENART, Directeur exécutif de l'Observatoire européen sur les drogues et les toxicomanies

| Jack A. COLE, Retired Narcotics Cop, Executive DirectornLaw Enforcement Against Prohibition Boston, Massachusetts

| Daniel COHN-BENDIT, Co-Président du groupe Vert/Ale au PE

| Liliana BRYKMAN, Commission européenne, Direction Général Justice et Affaires Intérieures, Unité de Coordination Drogue

| Dale Gieringer, Drug Policy Forum of California and California NORMAL

| S.E. Jan Van der Tas, former dutch Ambassador in Germany

| Nikolaij Khramov, membro del Consiglio Generale del PRT




Promoters: International Antiprohibitionist League, Transnational Radical Party, Radical MEPs, Parliamentarians for Antiprohibitionist Action, Radicali italiani


1.Opening session
2.Alternative policies
3.Reform of UN Conventions
4.Closing session


1.Session d'ouverture
2.Politiques alternatives
3.Réforme del Conventions des N.U.
4.Debat conclusiv


1.Sessione d'apertura
2.Politiche alternative
3.La riforma delle convenzioni ONU
4.Dibattito conclusivo