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21/06/2004 | Darfur crisis: Letter by Sergio Stanzani, President of the TRP, and Danilo Quinto, Treasurer, to the President of the United Nations Security Council

His Excellency
Ambassador Lauro L. Baja, Jr.
United Nations Security Council
Permanent Mission of the Philippines to the United Nations
556 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
Fax number:+1 (212)840-8602

Rome, June 21, 2004

Dear Ambassador Baja,

On behalf of the Transnational Radical Party we are writing you today to bring to your attention our request to the Security Council to intervene urgently and firmly to stop the humanitarian crisis in Darfur (Sudan), where hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of being exterminated and dozens of thousands have already been killed, raped, tortured or deported in concentration camps or obliged to expatriate.

Our organization has been following the recent developments covered with many difficulties by the international media press, in particular the statement of the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir who has imposed the immediate disarm of all the rebel forces and the implementation of the ceasefire that was stipulated in Kenya last April 8th.

We believe that if such statement will not be followed up by an immediate and strong action by the international community, it will prove to be ineffective and more dangerously could lead the illegal militias to put forward their genocidal strategy against the minorities in Darfur and to export the conflict in neighboring Chad.

While we agree with the words of the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, that it is first of all a responsibility of the Sudanese Government to disarm the rebel forces and to facilitate the free access to the region, at the same time, we believe that it is necessary and urgent for the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution to condemn and to stop the ongoing ethnic cleansing, also sending an humanitarian mission to the Darfur region and establishing a committee of experts to investigate on the violations of international law.

According to the various reliable sources, starting from the Human Rights Watch report, the Sudanese Government is obstructing the free access of humanitarian aid, independent monitors and international journalists to the region, and at the same time, supporting the actions of the Janjaweed militiamen who are committing atrocities against the civilian population.

Your Excellency, it is duty of our organization not to forget the victims of the too many genocides which have been committed in human history. The best way not to forget them it is to act promptly and responsibly to re-establish the conditions of international legality in the region and to stop the massacre assisting the civilian population.

We are looking forward to your reply and we would appreciate if you would forward this communication to all the members of the UN Security Council.

Please accept the assurances of our best consideration,

Sergio Stanzani

Danilo Quinto

Lettera del Presidente del Partito Radicale Transnazionale Sergio Stanzani e il Tesoriere Danilo Quinto alla Presidenza del Consiglio di Sicurezza sulla crisi del Darfur, in Sudan.
Letero de Prezidanto de Transnacia radikala partio, Sergio Stanzani kaj de ties Trezoristo, Danilo Quinto, al la Prezidantaro de Sekur-konsilio pri la krizo en Darfuro, Sudano.