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05/05/2003 | Parliamentary question by Marco Cappato (NI) to the Council and answer

Parliamentary questions
by Marco Cappato (NI) to the Council
(05 May 2003)

Subject: North Korea's illegal trade in heroin and meta-amphetamines

According to a report from the South Korean intelligence services the North Korean authorities have set up an illegal drugs production unit in the Nanam pharmaceuticals plant. Furthermore, the US State Department's annual report on the world drugs trade states that the North Korean regime is illegally growing opium to be refined into heroin and is producing meta-amphetamines in order to bring in foreign currency earnings from illegal trading in the drug.

In March, the Japanese police found a large quantity of illegal meta-amphetamines on board a North-Korean vessel off the Japanese coast. On 21 April the crew of a North Korean vessel appeared before an Australian court charged with drug smuggling after the Australian authorities had caught the crew attempting to bring 50 kilograms of heroin into the country.

Is the Council aware of any similar instances in Europe? Has this issue been raised during contacts with the North Korean authorities?

(2 October 2003)

The Council has recently become aware of the reports referred to in the question of DPRK involvement in drug activities in the Asia/Pacific region. The Council, so far, has not learnt about such incidents in Europe.

The Council has not yet taken any formal position on this particular question. The Council is, in general, totally opposed to any such drug trafficking in any form. It will continue to monitor the situation.

Interrogazione parlamentare di Marco Cappato (NI) al Consiglio e risposta
Question parlementaire posée par Marco Cappato (NI) au Conseil et réponse
Pregunta parlamentaria de Marco Cappato (NI) al Consejo y respuesta