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Two days of fast for Chechnya from 12 to 14 March

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In the face of the tragedy which is unfolding in Chechnya - over 150,000 people killed, over 300,000 refugees, widespread torture, rape, kidnapping, theft and destruction - over the last few months the European Parliament has taken a number of precise positions, at times courageous, but often too timid.

As well as the repeated denunciation by Members of the European Parliament of the scandalous behaviour of Commissioner Poul Nielson, who has still not visited Chechnya since the second war began two and a half years ago, the European Parliament has twice taken up an official position, inviting the Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid to visit Chechnya in order to evaluate the situation and take the necessary steps to provide desperately needed humanitarian aid.

The European Parliament has also stressed the need for a political solution to put an end to the conflict, and has on several occasions expressed its support for negotiations between the Russian Federation and the Chechen authorities.

Finally, Parliament has continually recalled the fact that the Chechen President Mr. Maskhadov and the Chechen government and parliament are legitimate institutions, returned in elections judged by the OECD, and consequently by Russia itself, to have been held correctly.

This is why we have decided - for a two-day period from 12 to 14 March - to join the hunger strike begun by Olivier Dupuis on 21 February. Our aim is not to force the European Parliament to adopt positions in which it does not believe, but simply to recall that the positions it has taken up in the past, unless they are empty statements of intent, should lead it to take the following action:

- to ask for the resignation of Commissioner Poul Nielson (or at least the withdrawal of the portfolio on humanitarian aid), who has not only failed to respond to the repeated calls of the EP, but has also failed to assume his responsibilities as the EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid;

- to invite the Chechen President Mr. Maskhadov and the members of his government as the legitimate representatives of the Chechen people, in the manner it considers most suitable;

- to organise a hearing in the European Parliament of the negotiators appointed by the Russian and Chechen governments in order to find out the true state of progress of the negotiations that the EP has called for, that Mr. Putin claims to want, and that Mr. Maskhadov continues to propose.

As well as these political acts, which in our opinion are no more than the natural consequence of the positions and responsibilities assumed by the European Parliament, we would also invite you to give serious consideration to the idea of supporting the international recognition of Chechnya, in order to make a positive contribution to the peace process and to put an end to a historical and political tragedy that has been dragging on for over 300 years, since the Russians occupied and colonised Chechnya.

Please fill in the form to take part in the two-day fast from 12 to 14 March